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ATU Video - Jude

It seems I'm definitely obsessed with Jim, or maybe it's Jude that haunts me so. Here's another Across the Universe, Jude-centric video.

"Almost Honest" 
Jude is with Molly, Prudence, and an unnamed NYC girl, before meeting Lucy, the woman he loved and lost.

Film clips from Across the Universe (Sony Pictures). "Almost Honest" sung by Josh Kelly. Edited and created by Fantasy Girl.

ATU Tribute Videos

Hope you enjoy these Across the Universe tribute videos I made.  :o)  FG

Yesterday - Jude's Story

"Breathe" - Jude / Lucy


Jul. 19th, 2008

I thought you might enjoy watching these two Jim tribute videos I made. They're the first I've made using actual video clips. Hope you ENJOY!!   FG / Diane

 "Fake It" - Ben's Journey '21'

"Accidentally in Love"

New Jim Sturgess Website - "Flowing Words"

Hello, my name is Fantasygirl (Diane), known mainly from the forum of http://jimsturgess.org (JSO).  I'm also a featured reporter for JSO and have contributed many articles, videos and news items about Jim to the website.

I have long been a lover of good fanfic and have actively written for many genres, including romance and sci-fi.  Since becoming a Jim Sturgess fan I've wanted to create a way for Jim-inspired fanfic writers to find a wider audience, not only sharing their work with other writers (through LiveJournal), but reaching out to the entire fandom of Jim Sturgess.  Additionally I've also been interested in creating a website representing all the creative talent of fans, including not only writing, but art, music, film, etc.

To that end, myself and two other fans (Moon_Puppet and Michelle, also from JSO) have created a new website called, Flowing Words. http://flowingwords.net    The website is currently under construction, however we are accepting submissions, which can be emailed to submissions@flowingwords.net   I hope the writers here will consider submitting some of the excellent fanfic currently on LiveJournal.  We at Flowing Words are very excited to share your work with those outside the confines of your artistic community.  :o)

Below are the submission criteria for our website, Flowing Words:

Overall Criteria for all original work:
  • Character inspired – works inspired by characters in the various movies which Jim has starred.  The work may be primarily about Jim’s characters or any of the other main characters in his films.
  • Jim inspired – works that feature original characters inspired by Jim’s personality.  We will not publish fiction or poetry involving the real Jim Sturgess, however artwork of Jim is accepted.
  • Indicate the Content Rating, i.e. G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17.  We will not accept work any more graphic than NC-17.  Use good judgment when rating your work.
  • Spell Check all submissions
  • MS Word Documents, all image file types, YouTube links (no wmv files) are accepted for submission.

Types of Work Accepted:
  1. Original Fiction
  2. Original Poetry or Song Lyrics
  3. Original Artwork
    • Image files of original drawings, photographs, sculpture, paintings, etc.  All mediums are accepted, however only in a digital format.
    • Images should be high resolution for the best quality viewing of the artwork.
  4. Original Videos (only those already posted to YouTube)
    • Tributes to movies, characters, or Jim using music, pictures, film clips, etc.
    • Performance art (singing, dramatic interpretation, etc.)
Send all submissions to: submissions@flowingwords.net 
Flowing Words reserves the right to edit or refuse submissions as deemed appropriate.



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